Recent & Upcoming Talks


Gorilla Presents... Speech Production Research Online

Panellist for discussion

Word learning through the lens of prior knowledge

9th EPS Frith Prize Lecture


It'll be alright on the night? Exploring bedtime benefits for vocabulary learning

UCL Language and Cognition Seminar

When the wabon flew to the intergalatic zoo: Accessing prior lexical knowledge in explicit and incidental word learning

Guest speaker at the Language, Learning, & Cognition Lab meeting, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Learn, Sleep, Recall, Repeat

Talk for Memrise’s MemTalks series on the benefits of sleep for language learning.

Sleep-associated consolidation in app-based language learning

Virtual poster presentation at the upcoming Cognitive Science Society meeting.

A (half) marathon not a sprint: Preparing to conduct multi-session memory studies online

Talk at the BeOnline meeting for conducting behavioural studies online.

Open research means open conversation

Talk at the University of York launch event for York Open Research.