Learn, Sleep, Recall, Repeat

Talk for Memrise's *MemTalks* series on the benefits of sleep for language learning.

It'll be alright on the night

A book at bedtime provides opportunities for language learning. Our recent study suggests that learning new words before sleep might help us to remember them.

Sleep-associated consolidation in app-based language learning

We test whether sleep-associated memory benefits are observable in naturalistic language learning.

Sleep-associated consolidation in app-based language learning

Virtual poster presentation at the upcoming Cognitive Science Society meeting.

The Puzzle of Vocabulary Growth

Why do some children excel at vocabulary learning while others get left behind? We’ve been thinking about how new word learning builds upon vocabulary we already have.

Sleep‐dependent consolidation in children with comprehension and vocabulary weaknesses: it’ll be alright on the night?

We present new evidence that poor comprehenders’ encoding difficulties extend beyond word meanings and into the phonological domain; but that consolidation mechanisms remain intact.

From ZZZs to AAAs: Why Sleep Is an Important Part of Your Study Schedule

Science for kids, edited by kids. Part of the collection *Everything you and your teachers need to know about the learning brain.*

Consolidation of vocabulary during sleep: the rich get richer?

Different neural mechanisms may support word learning in children and adults.