From ZZZs to AAAs: Why Sleep Is an Important Part of Your Study Schedule


All of us sleep. While adults spend about one-third of their time asleep, the younger you are, the more you sleep. However, this does not mean that children and teenagers are being lazy by spending too much time in bed. In fact, not getting enough sleep usually makes people feel tired, less effective, and unable to concentrate. Not only should you avoid these consequences of bad sleep, but you should also prioritize good sleep. Good sleep restores your body and brain, and offers an opportunity for your brain to reorganize itself after a busy day. In this article, we consider why sleep is especially important for supporting memory. Your ability to learn, remember, and refine your brain is extraordinary during childhood and adolescence, so sleep is particularly important during these stages. We explain the links between brain and sleep changes as you grow older, and why sleep should be an important part of your study schedule.

Frontiers for Young Minds
Emma James
Emma James
Developmental Psychologist